Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Special Occasion Cakes

Graduation Cake

Fondant Girl with diploma, music & clarinet

Baptism Cake

Fondant Football Player

Fondant Flowers, Buttercream Frosted Cake

Treasure Chest Cake, edible sand (graham crumbs)

Brazilian Flag - Grooms' Cake

12 Princess Cakes...made with Barbie & Kelly Dolls

Decorated with fondant & edible pearls.

Law School Graduation Cake. Chocolate Fondant, Chocolate Gavel.

Baby Shower cake with matching cookies (behind)

Hummer - Grooms' Cake

Entirely Edible, including rocks & flag!

Valentine's Cake


  1. Popped onto your site by accident but had a look anyway. I just wanted to tell you that your cakes are AWESOME. I love the little people on the especially.

  2. So stinkin cute! I may be calling you around birthday time!