Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wedding Cakes

Fondant Layers with Fondant Flowers

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Winter Cake with White Chocolate Snowflakes

Chocolate Cheesecake

Edible Sunflower wedding cake

Retro Wedding

Monogramed with White Chocolate, Edible pearls detail

Fondant Detail

Quilting effect with edible pearls

Special Occasion Cakes

Graduation Cake

Fondant Girl with diploma, music & clarinet

Baptism Cake

Fondant Football Player

Fondant Flowers, Buttercream Frosted Cake

Treasure Chest Cake, edible sand (graham crumbs)

Brazilian Flag - Grooms' Cake

12 Princess Cakes...made with Barbie & Kelly Dolls

Decorated with fondant & edible pearls.

Law School Graduation Cake. Chocolate Fondant, Chocolate Gavel.

Baby Shower cake with matching cookies (behind)

Hummer - Grooms' Cake

Entirely Edible, including rocks & flag!

Valentine's Cake